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Pouring seven cents of tea is a philosophy of life

Pouring seven cents of tea is a philosophy of life

In the past, whether on the wine table or on the tea table, the host can always be heard saying "wine is full and tea is shallow" to persuade wine and tea, but the meaning of this sentence has been half understood. Until one day, I drank tea with a friend who was proficient in tea ceremony. I heard him pour it and say, "it's human nature to fill it seven times and leave three points." Only then did I suddenly realize the charm.   The so-called "full cup of tea and wine" refers to pouring a cup of tea to the guest at seven or eight hours. If the Lord treats guests with tea, he should respect them by pouring seven points, which should not be too full. Of course, there are many ways to say this. Today I summarize the following points for you:   1. First of all, the tea will not scald the guests or spill on the table and clothes.   2. Tea needs to be tasted over and over again. A pot of tea needs to pour several cups on average, so it is impossible to pour too much in one cup.   3. When tasting tea, you should not only drink tea soup, but also look at the color of the soup and smell the fragrance of tea. It is inconvenient to taste tea when it is too full.   4. The tea can be poured seven times and left three times. Just like "the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water", there is only a cup of shallow tea. When you sip it gently and slowly, you can enjoy some friendship.   5. Pour seven minutes of tea into the cup. There is a certain space between the surface of the tea and the mouth of the cup. The clear fragrance of the tea is not easy to be lost. You can smell the strong aroma of tea before drinking tea.

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