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How to identify the quality of tea
How to identify the quality of tea
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1、 Look at the appearance
First, pick up a handful of tea with both hands, put it on the nose, and suck the aroma of tea deeply. One is to see whether it has the aroma of ripe chestnut; Second, distinguish the level of aroma; Third, smell the purity of the aroma. Those with high aroma and positive smell must be high-quality tea.  
Secondly, grab a handful of tea and spread it on white paper to see the color, tenderness, texture and thickness of dry tea. Where the color is even, the tenderness is high, the rope is tight, the thickness is the same, and there is less broken tea, it is a high-quality tea.
2、 See the essence of dampness
Wet look, just open soup. Boiling soup is commonly known as making tea or making tea. Generally, take 3-5 grams of tea first, put it into a white porcelain cup, and then pour about 200 ml of boiling water. After opening the soup, you should first smell the aroma, then look at the color of the soup, taste the taste, and then evaluate the bottom of the leaves.
(1) Smell aroma
After the tea is brewed in the cup, pour out the tea soup immediately, and send the tea cup together with the leaf bottom to the nose for smelling. Anyone who smells the tea fragrance is pure and refreshing can be regarded as a good tea.
(2) Look at the color of the soup
Look at the soup color in time. Generally, after 3-5 minutes of tea brewing, pour out the tea soup in the cup into another bowl and carry out immediately before and after smelling the aroma. For superior tea, the color of the soup should be light green or yellow green, and it is required to be clear but not turbid, bright and clear.
(3) Taste
Taste is distinguished by human taste organs. It is generally believed that green tea soup is rich, mellow and refreshing, and belongs to superior green tea; If it is plain and astringent, it is mostly coarse old green tea.
(4) Leaf base
Judge the leaf bottom left by tea after brewing and removing the soup, and look at the conditions such as old and tender, whole and broken, color, uniform and miscellaneous, soft and hard, so as to determine the priority of quality. At the same time, pay attention to whether there is other doping.





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