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Tea picking and traditional processing process
Tea picking and traditional processing process
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The raw tea of tea is a kind of dried green Mao tea made from the fresh leaves of large leaf species. Its form is loose tea or pressed into various shapes.
Processing technology: large leaf seed fresh leaves → killing → rolling → drying → dianqingmao tea → natural fermentation → scattered tea, dianqingmao tea → compression molding → cake tea, mature tea.
Raw tea is stored and fermented in a natural way. It is resistant to storage and can be stored for more than 15 years. After fermentation, the nature of tea becomes mild. This is also traditional tea. In the 1970s, on the basis of traditional technology, artificial pile fermentation technology was introduced, so that tea can reach the quality of storing for many years in a short time. It is customarily called "cooked tea", that is, artificially fermented tea, or modern craft tea. This kind of cooked tea can be circulated in the market after a period of storage or even a few months. The cooked and dried tea with good quality is brownish red or dark chestnut in color, commonly known as "pig liver red". The soup is red and transparent, with mellow taste, smooth and sweet, and no musty taste.





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