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A cup of tea empties the Zen Mind
A cup of tea empties the Zen Mind
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I'm busy for life. Now I feel the pressure of life, more and more troubles. I don't know how to relax? How to unzip? Work can't stop. After work, they still tidy up their housework or think about work. How many people have made a cup of tea and calmed down? Not to mention Zen tea. Learn to enjoy life in a busy life and make yourself a cup of tea, then you will have the Zen meaning of emptying your heart.
Choose the evening with moderate temperature and cool wind. The air is especially fresh. It is a beautiful evening. Look up at the sky under the sunset in front of the silent windowsill, so quiet that you can only hear your own breathing. Take a deep breath and then slowly breathe in. All the mundane troubles in the secular world disappear, and the whole person is completely quiet.
When you choose to travel for meditation, you usually only aim at one goal: to temporarily put aside the troubles of daily life and relieve the pressure in the process of meditation.
A cup of Zen tea, push the window, full of mountain scenery.
Tea is tasting and Zen is participating. Tea guests often ask: what is the relationship between tea and Zen? Master a: if you only have a heart to taste tea, you can only taste the taste of tea. In fact, monk ginseng Zen does not lie in whether the tea taste is good or not, but in realizing the heart through the process of tasting a cup of tea.
Long and fragrant tea is delicious.
According to Pang Ying, tea is spiritual. When in the water, every pore of tea is open, releasing the landscape and cultural landscape where it grows. When drinking, it will naturally produce endless aftertaste and lingering fragrance.





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