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How to make tea in a different environment
How to make tea in a different environment
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Making tea is very important to the choice of tea set, which is directly related to the taste of tea soup. So how to choose the tea set when making tea in a different environment?
Porcelain tea set
Porcelain tea sets have no water absorption, clear sound and long rhyme. When fired at about 1300 ℃, they can reflect the color of tea soup, with moderate heat transfer and thermal insulation, and will not have chemical reaction with tea. Making tea can get better color and flavor, and the shape is beautiful and exquisite. They are suitable for brewing light fermentation and heavy aroma tea, such as Wenshan Baozhong tea, green tea, etc. Porcelain tea sets should be the first choice for the best tea and tea tasting. Porcelain tea sets also have the cost of artistic appreciation and collection.
Clay tea set
In fact, the most famous purple clay pot for making tea is a kind of pottery. The fire temperature of the finished pottery is 1000 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃, the texture is fine, there is no leakage, and there are pores invisible to the naked eye. It can absorb tea juice and store tea flavor, and the heat transfer is slow and will not be hot. Even if it is cold quickly, it will not break; When making tea in a purple clay pot, the tea has mellow fragrance and good heat preservation, no cooked soup flavor, and can preserve the true marrow of tea. Generally, the purple clay pot with clear cement is used to drink green tea, while the purple clay pot is used to drink oolong tea. Moreover, oolong tea and Pu'er tea should be made in a purple clay pot with a large base. This ability is conducive to the full expansion of tea leaves at the bottom of the pot, making the tea soup thicker and more fragrant. In addition, purple sand is a kind of natural clay, which is rich in iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and other elements. It can alkalize water quality and improve human immunity, which is very beneficial to health.
However, the purple clay pot needs to be slowly raised with tea for a period of time and cleaned once. After repeating this for three times, the sand can be washed very clean. After that, there is no need to wash the pot again. The longer the time is, the better the pot will be. The pot itself will not only become warm and moist in color, but even emit the natural aroma of tea. Don't use detergent to clean the purple clay pot, or wash it with an oily dishcloth. Just wash it with boiling water.
Glass tea set
The glass tea set is transparent in texture, fast in heat transfer and airtight. When making tea with glass, the tea leaves move up and down in the whole tea making process, the leaves gradually stretch and the color of the tea soup can be seen at a glance. Moreover, the glass does not contain organic chemicals in the firing process. When people make tea or other drinks with glass, they don't have to worry that chemicals will be drunk into their stomach. Moreover, the outside of the glass is greasy and easy to clean, Bacteria and dirt do not easily reproduce on the cup wall.
Brew Longjing, Biluochun and other green tea with a glass tea set. The light dew in the cup is ethereal, and the tea buds are blossoming, graceful, floating up and down, beautiful and humorous.
Tea set of other materials
Plastic tea sets often have peculiar smell. Making tea with hot water has an impact on the taste of tea. It is not suitable to make good tea except for temporary emergency use. In addition, the quality of plastic cups in today's market is thick and turbid, and there are qualified and different cases. The credibility is very low. Even qualified products are not 100% credible. Therefore, it is recommended not to use plastic cups for their own health.
"The pot is the father of tea". Only when a good tea set has the ability to make good tea can we really appreciate the fragrance, charm and fun of tea. Therefore, choosing a good tea set is the first step to start drinking good tea.





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