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Tea brewing procedure
Tea brewing procedure
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1. Baihe bath (cup washing): wash the tea set with boiling water;
2. Guanyin entering the Palace (dropping tea): put Tieguanyin into the tea set, and the amount of tea accounts for about five percent of the capacity of the tea set;
3. Hanging pot high flushing (tea brewing): raise the boiling water and flush it into the teapot or cover ou to make the tea rotate.
4. spring breeze (blow foam): use the lid or cover to gently remove the floating white foam to make it fresh and clean.
5. Guan Gong patrolling the city (pouring tea): pour the tea after soaking for one or two minutes into the parallel tea cups in turn;
6. Han Xin ordering soldiers (ordering tea): when pouring a little tea, drop it evenly into each tea cup bit by bit;
7. Appreciate the color of the soup (tea): taste the color of the tea in the cup;
8. LV sipping Ganlin (drinking tea): take a sip in the heat, smell its fragrance first, then taste its taste, SIP while smelling, and pour a thin drink. Although the amount of drinking is not much, it can leave fragrance on the teeth and cheeks, but it is sweet at the end. It is relaxed and happy and has special interest.





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