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How should green tea be brewed
How should green tea be brewed
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1、 Brew with a transparent glass
Green tea is brewed with a transparent glass, which is convenient to observe the change of posture in the process of tea brewing. Higher grade green tea can also choose white porcelain cup, which can make the aroma of green tea stronger and taste better.
How to brew green tea
2、 High water quality requirements
The best choice for brewing green tea is high-quality mineral water or purified tap water. The pH of the water is preferably weak acid or neutral. Alkaline water will affect the color of the tea soup, make the color of the tea soup darker and yellow, and affect the taste and flavor.
How to brew green tea
3、 The water temperature should not be too high
The best water temperature for brewing green tea is 80-90 degrees. If the water temperature is too high, green tea will turn yellow, tea polyphenols will oxidize, and the flavor of tea soup will be lost.
4、 Ratio of tea to water
The ratio of tea to water should be 1:50 or 1:70, that is, 50-70 ml of water is best for 1 gram of tea, so that the tea brewed has good taste and moderate concentration.
How to drink green tea
5、 Brewing method
1. Top feeding method: first inject enough hot water into the tea cup (bowl) at one time, and then add tea when the water temperature is moderate. This method is mostly applicable to fine roasted green tea (such as super Longjing, super Biluochun, super Xinyang Maojian, Lu'an melon slices, old bamboo Dafang, etc.), fine roasted green tea (such as Zhuxi Longfeng, Tingxi Lanxiang, Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Houkui, Jingting Lvxue, etc.). The water temperature of this method should be very accurate. The more tender the tea is, the lower the water temperature is required. Some tea can be put into use when it reaches 70 ℃. Therefore, the ordinary drinking operation is difficult and inconvenient.
How to brew green tea
2. CIC method: after putting tea, first inject one-third of the hot water (especially for the tea just taken out of the refrigerator), and then fill it with hot water after the tea absorbs enough water and stretches out. This method is applicable to green tea that is tender but very loose or tight (such as Yingshan cloud, bamboo leaf green, Wuyuan Mingmei)
How to brew green tea
3. Drop method: first put in tea, and then inject enough hot water into the tea cup (bowl) at one time. This method is suitable for general green tea with poor tenderness.
How to brew green tea
4. Cooling before heating method: after putting tea, soak it in cold water at normal temperature for about three minutes, so that the tea can absorb enough water and stretch fully, and inject enough hot water at one time. At this time, the hot water temperature can be slightly higher, 85-95 ℃. In winter, the water temperature is 100 ℃. This method is suitable for brewing all levels of tender tea, but it should be mastered properly.
Each tea brewed by the above methods should be finished within 3-5 minutes, or the tea should be drained into the tasting Cup before drinking. In this way, the concentration of each tea making soup is uniform and the taste will be better. However, if tea is soaked in tea soup for a long time, the color and taste of the soup will become worse as the temperature of the tea soup decreases.





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